1. It is agreed upon entering any Dance Out Competition-sponsored event that participants, including students, parents, teachers, and other spectators, will not hold Dance Out Competition, or its directors, employees, or host facilities liable for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted by them or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in any activity of a Dance Out Competition event.

  2. Dance Out Competition reserves the right, when necessary, to move a competition site or to expand a competition to a multiple day event.

  3. Participants agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the competition shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of Dance Out Competition.

  4. All results of a competition are final. 

  5. No video cameras or flash photography allowed. Professional videos and/or DVD will be available for purchase at each Dance Out Competition.*

  6. Participation in any Dance Out Competition sponsored event indicates permission is granted to Dance Out Competition to use any photographs or video taken during the event in promotional venues, including newspapers, brochures, ads, television, videos, the internet, and other publications.

  7. All routines, music, choreography, and costumes must be suitable for family viewing.

  8. Competing dancers must perform in the order scheduled by the competition unless; the backstage manager gives a special permission. Costume changes or approved extenuating circumstances are without penalties.

  9. With the exception of the judges and Dance Out Competition Staff, there will be no food or drink permitted in any auditoriums.



Dance Out Competition reserves the right change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, and policies at any time they consider necessary.


Schedules are at the sole discretion of Dance Out Competition and will be determined based on the amount of time available at each competition.


We are unable to accommodate individual schedule requests. NO REFUNDS will be issued unless the competition is cancelled.   Credits will be issued at the directors discretion.


​ * In the event that Dance Out is unable to provide a photographer, each studio will be permitted to have one person to take pictures and videos of the competition. A credential will be given to each studio on each performance day. One credential per studio. 




All entries must be made through our website.


Entry fees must be received by the deadline to avoid late charge. Late entries or those needing changes and/or additions after the deadline will require an additional fee per entry.  5% discount may be deducted from your total balance due, if registration and payments are received by the Early Bird deadline.  No exceptions.  No early bird discounts are given for nationals.



No changes in entries will be allowed two weeks prior to the event.


All fees must be paid by studio check, cashier’s check or money order. Dance Out accepts credit card payments through an online system a 1.5% convenience fee will be applied.  Any fees received after the deadline must be paid by cashier’s check or money order.  Onsite payments will not be excepted.   STUDIOS WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE SCHEDULE UNTIL PAID IN FULL


All fees are non-refundable.  Credits for future events will be given at the Dance Out Director’s discretion. No exceptions


We have a Pandemic Safety plan in place should we need to implement it in the future.  The plan will follow CDC guidelines as well as city and venue guidelines.  The safety of our clients and staff will be our number one priority.


In the event we have to cancel a competition rather than reschedule due to a pandemic, we will offer 3 options. 

1. a credit for a future Dance Out event

2. a partial refund and credit to a future Dance Out event  

3. a full refund of entry fees.  

Please note the successful planning of a competition season requires that we incur a large portion of our expenses before the season starts. This includes pre‐paying a significant portion of our venue costs, awards costs, merchandise expenses and much more, therefore refund checks may not be distributed immediately,


Entries are accepted on a first come/first serve basis and are limited to performance time availability. Dance Out Competition reserves the right to refuse any application at any time for any reason.


There will be a $30.00 charge on returned checks for whatever reason.


Confirmations, competition schedules, and music labels will be mailed out approximately one to two weeks prior to the event.

Schedules will not be sent until fees are paid in full.





 All music must be uploaded to our website via the music tool in your Studio Center.  


Please bring back up on a smart phone or tablet.







  1. Dangerous props are not allowed, to include, but not limited to: pyrotechnics, fire, water, glass, swords, guns, and knives. Routines are not permitted to include any type of prop which has the capability of causing any injury or that compromises performance space.

  2. The following prop items are prohibited: confetti, hanging scenery/backdrops, special lighting, fog/bubble machine, live animals, and fluids.

  3. No Prop item may be thrown from the stage in to the house section of the theatre.

  4. Props must be freestanding. Persons placing or removing props must not wear any studio garment or organization affiliation. Ensure no debris is left on stage after your routine. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

  5. Property holding areas are limited to the space provided by the venue. Dance Out Competition assumes no responsibility for limited space regarding props when not in use.

  6. Dance Out Competition assumes no responsibility for damaged or misplaced / stolen properties at any competition.





No more than three acrobatic tricks are allowed in any subject other than Open and Acro Dance. All acts must be dominant to the category.


Jazz: routine consisting of jazz technique.


Ballet: routine consisting of classical ballet technique.


Pointe: routine demonstrating classical Ballet and Pointe techniques. (Pointe Shoes Only)


Lyrical: routine interpreting the lyrics mood and feeling of the music, combining the technique of jazz, ballet, and modern.


Tap: routine consisting of tap technique.


Modern: interpreting dance routine using modern dance technique and choreography.


Open: routine consisting of any dance style or combination of styles.


Contemporary: routine consisting of any dance style or combination of ballet, hip hop, modern or lyrical.


Hip Hop: routine containing street and funk movements.


Character/Musical Theatre: routine portraying a character (s) or interpreting Broadway and theatre type dance.


Folkloric: Ethnic styles including Hawaiian, African, Spanish, Polkas, Middle Eastern, Irish, Clogging, etc.


Acro Dance: routine consisting of 50% acrobatic moves and 50% dance.


Pom Pom: routine consisting of pom-pom techniques.


Novelty: routine consisting of any style and incorporating a prop into the dance.


Student Choreography: choreographed by a student consisting of any dance style.


T/S (Teachers and Students): dance instructors or choreographers performing with students. 


Pro Am: Any teacher or professional dancer may perform in this category. A Pro Am is defined as one receiving payment for their choreography, performance and/or instruction. But not student teacher ages 18 years or less. All dance styles are permitted and may be performed by a solo, duo/trio, group, or line, and may include students. Teachers or professionals are not permitted to dance in the regular categories, with the exception of Adult Division, wherein 1 teacher is permitted to perform in a Small Group, Large Group, or Line. The Pro Am entries will be scored separately and will not be grouped with other Adult Division entries for overall awards.


Mini Petite             Ages 6 and under

Petite                     Ages 7-8

Junior                   Ages 9-10

Pre-Teen               Ages 11-12

Teen                      Ages 13-14

 Senior                Ages 15-18

Adult                     Ages 19+

Professional:   Dance teachers and professionals age 20 and older who wish to be scored and critiqued, but are not eligible for high point and cash awards.





Intro Level: No Competitive Division dancers permitted in the Intro Level Division. This division is for recreational dancers and/or new competitors who meet at least two (2) of these criteria:



  1. Train 2 hours a week or less( this includes all class and rehearsal time); 

  2. Have had a total of 2 years or less of dance training in any one or combination of dance forms; or 

  3. First year competitors (one year is a season of 9 months or more.) Solos and duos/trios must be 100% Novice. 

  4. For groups and lines, at least 80% of the dancers must be Novice with the remaining 20% Intermediate level only. 


Important note regarding Intro-Level Division dancers: 

Any dancer registered and performing in an Intermediate or Elite Level Division routine of any size is ineligible to compete in a Intro Level Division solo, duo, or trio, regardless of their eligibility for the Division. The dancer(s); however, are welcome to “dance up” and compete solos, duos or trios within the appropriate Competitive Division. Intro Level routines may not include feature roles by non-Intro Level dancers. Intro Level dancers possess modest skill levels. Dancers with more moderate skills should enter the Intermediate Level Division. 




This division is for recreational dancers ages 11 & under and 12 & above who currently train and have trained 5 hours or less per week over the past 3 years ( All dancers in any group size must meet these criteria by 100%.) 


Important note regarding Intermediate Level Division

 Any dancer registered and performing in Elite Level Division routines of any size is ineligible to compete in an Intermediate Level Division solo, duo, or trio, regardless of their eligibility for the Division. The dancer(s); however, are welcome to “dance up” and compete solos, duos or trios within the appropriate Competitive Division. 




This division is for the competitive dancer possessing more advanced skill sets and based on age.


This level is for groups only and designed for routines that are combining Elite dancers with any other level.  If you are combining Intro and Intermediate level then you must compete at the intermediate level.

** If the judges determine a routine is placed in the incorrect level, it will be automatically be moved to the appropriate level.




This division is for students with disabilities and special needs who want to a chance to shine.  Performance times will be close to an awards ceremony.  The age levels and categories will be the same as other levels.  They are permitted to enter solos, duo/trios and group routines.




 Elite Level only for Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior age divisions.  Mini Petite age division all levels are allowed. Each dancer is permitted to have only one piece in consideration for the Title Competition. This includes all age divisions.


A minimum of ten entries per age division must compete in order for the cash to be granted. 


Each dancer will be asked to demonstrate a particular dance move by our MC. The dancers then have to accomplish the certain moves from the ballet and jazz form. This will affect your score.






Mini Petite Miss / Mini Petite Mister         Ages 6 and  

Petite Miss / Petite Mister                            Ages 7-8 .  

Junior Miss / Junior Mister                         Ages 9-10

Pre Teen Miss/Pre-Teen Mister                 Ages 11-12

Teen Miss / Teen Mister                              Ages 13-14

Miss / Mister                                                Ages 15-18





All title entries will receive a participatory award. 


The winners of each category will receive a first place medal and a trophy. 





Contestants will be judged by a pre-determined panel of judges, and all entrants agree that decisions of the judges are final. All entrants agree that the time, manner and method of judging the competition will be solely within the discretion of the Directors and Assistant Directors of Dance Out. All score sheets will be available to studio owners/directors only.  Each performance will be evaluated on the following five elements:


1) Technique                       40 points total

2) Stage Presence             25 points total

3) Choreography                20 points total

4) Timing and Music         10 points total

5) Costume                           5 points total


There is a maximum of 100 points per judge. 


If a dance, costume or music is deemed inappropriate for family viewing, it will be scored lower by judges and not eligible for High Score Overall awards. Ties will not be broken for the competition awards.



Categories      # Dancers             Time Limit

Solo                          1                      2:30 minutes 

Solo Title                 1                      2:30 minutes

Duo/Trio               2-3                   2:30 minutes  

Small Group         4-9                    3:30 minutes

Large Group       10-17                  4:00 minutes

Line                       18+                    5:00 minutes

Production           18+                    8:00 minutes 



Please contact Dance Out office or email us.




This category simulates an audition wherein all entered dancers will be taught a 32-48 count jazz/hip hop dance combination by our Dance Off instructor. The dancers will perform the combination in groups. Through the judges process of elimination, awards will be presented to the top three dancers who successfully completed the audition?. Dancers will be divided into two age brackets for the Dance It Out 7-11 and 12-18 years old. Dancers must enter based upon their age AS OF THE SAME DAY the Dance Off is held. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Dance Out Competition Boutique at the event for $10.00 each. This is an invaluable experience to all dancers!


The top five will be invited to be part of Dance Out Elite for the Championship Finals at the National Competition.


Award will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places.  

Fifth place will receive a Dance Out 5th place medal.

Fourth place will receive a Dance Out 4th place medal.

Third place will receive a Dance Out 3rd place medal.

Second place will receive a Dance Out 2nd place medal.

First place will receive a Dance Out Trophy, $25.00 Cash and/or Gift Certificate


Every Contestant will receive a participatory award. 





  • Outstanding Costume

  • Outstanding Showmanship

  • Outstanding Choreography

  • Outstanding Technique

  • Outstanding Entertainment

  • Dance Out Choice Award


Dance Out Choice Award is to acknowledge a distinguished routine. The winner of this award will receive a trophy and $100.00 gift certificate for the next year's Regional Competition or the upcoming National Competition.


Dance Out Competition will award an undetermined number of Special Awards at the Director and/or Judges discretion. 





High Score Overall Awards will be given for 1st through 10th place in the Novice, Mini Petite, Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior Divisions for each group size: Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line, Production and Adult. The same contestant cannot place more than once in the top 10 solo awards. There must be ten or more entries in each age division for cash awards to be given.


*Minimum numbers of routines are required in each division to award all 10 places. When the minimum requirement is not met a reduction in awards and/or combining of divisions/group sizes may occur. A representative from the studio must be present on stage during the awards ceremony to be eligible for Overall Awards. Dancers must be in costume or team uniform during award ceremonies.





Category winners will be awarded to the highest scoring routine in each dance category and age division.  




Cash awards and/or gift certificates* will be given for 1st Place in the Mini Petite, Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior Divisions for each group size as follows: Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line and Production.


Cash awards will be given to the director of the studio. It is the Director decision as to the distribution of such. Cash awards and/or gift certificates will only be eligible when there are 10 or more competition numbers in a Division/Group size for Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines and when there are two or more Productions.


* Gift Certificates may be used at future events as indicated on the award certificate.  Gift Certificates will not be accepted other than as indicated.




Overall high points in 1st place will receive the following cash and/or gift certificate award:  Certificates maybe used at regional events only.  They will not be accepted at national finals.


Solo                   $25

Duo/Trio           $50

Small Group     $50

Large Group     $50

Lines                   $75

Production       $100





Please contact Dance Out office or email us.


Categories      # Dancers                           Time Limit

Solo                          1                                      2:30 minutes 

Solo Title                 1                                      2:30 minutes

Duo/Trio               2-3                                     2:30 minutes  

Small Group         4-9                                    3:30 minutes

Large Group       10-17                                 4:00 minutes

Line                       18+                                    5:00 minutes

Production           18+                                   8:00 minutes 




At Dance Out Championship Final Showdown, the top 3 scoring Solos &Duo/Trios in each age division and the top 5 Small /Large group in each age division  (INTERMEDIATE &  ELITE  levels only ) will be invited to compete in the Final Showdown.  Only one group small or large group per studio can qualify in each age division.  The top 5 Lines and Top 5 Productions will compete as one level and one age division,


A dancer may not qualify 2 solos but may qualify in one solo and one duo/trio performance. Only the intermediate and elite divisions are eligible to compete in the Final Showdown.


Solo: Each age division will compete separately.


Duo/Trio: Each age division will compete separately. 


Small / Large Groups:  Only one group per age division can advance.


Line / Production:  All lines and all productions will compete as one age division and one age level


Certificates maybe used at regional events only.  They will not be accepted at national finals.


Mini Petite, Petite, Junior, Teen & Senior: Solo, Duo & Trio

3rd Place: $25.00 Certificate or cash award

2nd Place: $50.00 Certificate or cash award

1st Place: Trophy and $75.00 Certificate or cash award


Mini Petite, Petite, Junior, Teen & Senior: Groups & Lines

3rd Place: $50.00 Certificate or cash award

2nd Place: $75.00 Certificate or cash award

1st Place: Trophy and $125.00 Certificate or cash award



3rd Place: $75.00 Certificate or cash award

2nd Place: $125.00 Certificate or cash award

1st Place: Trophy and $250.00 Certificate or cash award


An award for the highest scoring points in the championship finals between solo, duo/trio and groups will be awarded.  


Cash prizes are awarded when there are seven routines in that age division.  


**All rules are subject to change by Director or venue.

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