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Live Stream

After careful consideration, we have chosen not to live-stream our  events. This difficult decision was made with the safety and security of our clients and participants as our top priority. We understand that the convenience of live-streaming is appealing, but we must prioritize the well-being of those involved. Live streaming introduces unpredictable risks, including potential costume malfunctions that could compromise the privacy of young performers.  With the ability for screen recording we feel dancers could be subject to online bullying.  Additionally, we cannot guarantee who may be watching and accessing the footage, which raises concerns about their safety. We believe that providing a safe and controlled environment is of utmost importance. By not live-streaming the event, we can minimize potential threats and ensure the confidentiality and comfort of all participants. We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate this decision. Your children's safety and well-being will always be our guiding principles.

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